Nickel Recovery from Filter Cake

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Nickel Recovery from Filter Cake

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This TSB funded project will regard the use of selected deep eutectic solvents and ionic liquids on nickel removal selectivity from different waste streams including filter cakes and battery waste. The eutectic solvents will be based on choline chloride or chemically modified choline chloride and a hydrogen donor partner molecule (e.g. urea or carboxylic acid type molecules).

This chemical approach has many future possibilities as ionic liquid and eutectic solvents will be developed. Initial experiments performed on nickel hydroxide will be studied to understand how effective these new solvents could be on nickel removal and what other physical parameters could maximize nickel release, involving thermodynamic and kinetic techniques.

The University of Leicester (Ryder, Abbott) will act as consultants to this new project advising on metal ion chemistry, liquid formulation and metal extraction protocols as well as contributing to scale-up work and the design and construction of pilot plant processes.